Cowboy Bouquets

June 2nd, 2012



One of Mother Nature’s gifts to those that enjoy the outdoors is wildflowers.  From the time the sun warms the earth and the snows begin to melt to the shorter days of fall when the snow once again dusts the ground, wildflowers color the hills and meadows all around the T Cross.  What blooms and when is largely dependent on the amount of snow and the rainfall that occurs over the course of the spring and summer.  But there is always something colorful sprouting on the hillsides, in the meadows and from among the rocks and sagebrush!

I have a penchant for knowing the names of things be they horses, mountains or flowers.  You can depend on the wranglers to be able to tell you most things, but flowers aren’t real big on their list of things to know the names of.  So I will include for you here pictures and names of some of the ones I know, and maybe anybody out there who has a botany degree can help us fill in the blanks!

Indian Paintbrush


Some have names that make perfect sense; Indian Paintbrush for example looks exactly like a paint brush dipped in brilliant red paint!   But then there are harebells…not a clue how they got that name.  Harebells are prevalent most of the summer, and are a favorite of the wranglers even if they don’t know their name.  They will pluck a stem of harebells and insert them into their hatband in remembrance of a loved one.



Asters and larkspur, primroses and buttercups are also abundant!  The landscape takes on different shades of color as the summer progresses with yellow, pink, purple, blue and the occasional splash of red turning the hillsides into an artist’s pallet.



Whether or not we ever learn all of their names, we can all take time to enjoy the display Mother Nature puts on for the admiring dude every year!