Dude Ranch Cooking: A T Cross Dining Experience

September 30th, 2010
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Meals at the T Cross are an art and a science. The warm, comforting smell of coffee reaches your senses when you enter the Lodge dining room first thing in the morning. Order a hot made-to-order breakfast as the sun rises over the Absaroka Mountains in the east.

Lunch is served buffet-style and is truly a sight to see. You will never go hungry; and your taste buds will never tire of our ranch-style homecooking.

An elegant dinner is preceded by hors d’ oeuvres and our T Cross happy hour in the lower Lodge. The dinner bell invites you upstairs to enjoy our three-course formal dinner.

Truly, we take food very seriously at the T Cross. However, it is the personality behind each meal that makes it unforgettable. That is why we employ only the most experienced and versatile chefs available.

Click here to watch an interview with the dynamic Dylan Woodbery, our talented 2010 T Cross cook. Learn why Dylan believes the midday meal is the most important, why he loves getting to know the T Cross guests, and what Dylan learned from the quiet lifestyle of the ranch.

The video is a result of the Firstlight photography group’s visit to the T Cross Ranch.